Anxiety Illness – 3 Secret Cures to Ending Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety Illness – 3 Secret Cures to Ending Anxiety Naturally

Anxiety illness is a disorder triggered by nothing else other than fear. It is a malfunction of your body in preparing your them to face incoming threat. The difference here is however, there is no no real threat.

When you are faced with danger, your body muscles tenses up. When you are in a fight, you clench your fist as hard as you can. When you lean over a cliff, your legs wobbles, your heart pounds at an increase rate. All of which happens as your mind signals you on the incoming danger you faced.

Anxiety illness in short, is being referred to the sensations of fear experienced by a person at an inappropriate time due to a “malfunction” in response.

There are a lot of factors that causes these malfunction. It could be due to your diet, lifestyle and can also be triggered by your brains long exposure to stress or trauma.

Here are 3 tips to preventing and coping with anxiety illness.

1) Drink more water. Water helps hydrate the body. A dehydrated body causes fatigue and stress. Since water is needed for survival, and anxiety illness is triggered when your body signals you against danger, replenishing your body with adequate fluid will help in reducing frequency of these fear sensations.

In fact, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. As a side note, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol does not count towards replenishing your body with fluids. Instead, they rob you of your body hydration.

2) Since anxiety illness is harmless, you should instead, “welcome” them. By ‘welcoming’ them, you are setting your control over these sensations. If you tend to let fear of these sensations overtake you instead, you are in fact, inviting yourself to developing an anxiety disorder – a constant worry of when the next attack will occur.

By ‘welcoming’ these sensations, you will need to tell yourself that these sensations are only temporary and since they are harmless, you can even give them 30 seconds to unleash their ‘fury’ on you. When you fear these sensations, you kept your mind wondering what is coming next and indirectly inviting more unnecessary worries to enter your mind, developing more fear symptoms and thus worsening the attacks.

A good example is people who experience stage fright. The more they resist and going to the stage, the more it adds to they anxiety and fear. However, if they let go of everything and go up, no matter how bad it is, they are going to improve overtime. The next time they try going up on stage again, it gets easier and easier.

3) Another way to prevent your mind from being clouded with these worries on your anxiety illness is to stop thinking about them ! The more you think, the more you are manifesting them. The more you worry, the stronger they are going to come at you !

A powerful way to move out of this mental cloud is to switch your focus from your head to your heart. By simply making a deliberate shift of attention to your heart, you will realise that these anxious thoughts disperse more easily, setting you up for a more peaceful body and mind.

You can always apply the ‘gratification’ or the ‘distraction’ method to ease your anxiety illness. Distraction moves your focus away from your worrying thoughts by doing what you love doing. Gratification invokes a warm sensation of appreciation in your heart, moving your mind towards warmth and peace. In fact, the more you practise the 2 method, the more you start to move away from your anxiety illness.

So there you have it. 3 powerful methods to start improving your life and cure yourself of these sensations. Remember, anxiety is nothing more than sensations of fear triggered at the wrong time. They are harmless..

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