Natural Cures For Anxiety – Easy Ways to Beat Anxiety

Natural Cures For Anxiety – Easy Ways to Beat Anxiety

Natural cures for anxiety are just what you need to get anxiety under control and get your life back! Worrying day in and day out can just plain ruin your life! I had a long, six year fight with anxiety and panic attacks about 30 years ago and it did nothing good for me. If you are like this there are some things you can do that will greatly reduce the negative effects and, in some cases, get rid of the negative effects completely.

Worry is a normal occurrence. But when actual, self preserving concern about something crosses over the line over to excessive (compulsive) worry, now you have problems! You are always going to have something to worry about so how about using a few tried and true anxiety cures and improve the quality of your life. Here are a few things you can do that have a VERY positive effect on destructive worrying.

First, ask yourself, “What is the worst that can happen?” Really. If you are living a life of continuous worry and some anxiety (panic) attacks thrown in, then you have LOTS of examples. Think them through. Almost EVERYTHING you ever worried about didn’t come to pass in the way you feared it would! You aren’t very good at predicting the outcome of worrisome thoughts.

Another good thought process for the excessive worry types works for those people who don’t know how to quit thinking about work. Here is the curative thought. Think to yourself… “My work, and it’s overwhelming problems is going to be exactly the same tomorrow morning as it is now. Therefore, it does no good at all to worry about it between quitting time and AM startup. I’m in a worry free zone!”

Same goes for weekends, days off, or vacations. Just refuse to think about it. When the intrusive thoughts appear just shove them back out. There is nothing you can do right now anyway so you might as well relax. Relax? Don’t know how? Well you’re getting ready to learn to relax now. Do it for a while and prepare to be greatly improved.

Here are a few more things you can do to greatly reduce anxiety.

Go for a walk! On the walk fill your mind with the beauty all around you. Think to yourself “Every time I take a walk I get a little better!” It’s true after all.

Drop Caffeine or cut WAY back. Caffeine makes you nervous. You are already nervous and you are taking drugs that make you nervous? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Get more sleep. Add at least a extra hour to your sleep time.

Go to movies. Read a good book. I like thrillers! And I LOVE books on tape while driving…good stories, not some “How to get more work done” self-improvement tape.

To recap…If you are prone to heavy worrying…The two thought processes “What’s the worst” and “Why worry now?” will help a lot. Taking walks (get a pedometer) and cutting way back on caffeine are big anxiety busters. Get more rest, go to movies, read good books, and you are on your way.

That, right there, is a natural anxiety cure plan that works…IF you work the plan. Enjoy!

You Can Get Your Life Back!

Riley West – FORMER Panic Attack And Anxiety Sufferer.


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