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These Smartphone Apps Can Help With Stress And Depression. There are apps and software to help monitor and treat anxiety. For example, Pacifica can track your mood and your health, and also has a relaxation technique. Another app will help control OCD via exercises. Check all the apps.


These Breathing Techniques Can Help You Get A Better Sleep. One of the techniques to control anxiety and panic attack is slow breathing. However, there are also breathing methods to overcome trouble sleeping, for a better concentration and focus, even for heartache and after having an argument. Check all the procedures.


If You Feel Tired And Are Forgetting Things, You Might Have Brain Fog. Sometimes we cannot find the right words, feel fatigued, or have the sensation of being mentally overwhelmed. These are the signs of brain fog, which is caused by poor sleeping, poor diet and inability to control things at work. These result in a chemical imbalance in our brains. The three main chemicals, cortisol, dopamine and serotonin which keep us focused, calmed, energized and inspired, are out of sync. How to deal with this?


These are just some of the news for this week

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Why are so many people suffering from Anxiety?

What if I told you that you can have the latest information on advice and treatment of Anxiety? Every week?

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And that this information will help you make the correct questions to your doctor, and describe better your symptoms?

You will able to provide more detailed information to your doctor, allowing him to make a better diagnosis.

Clear Information About Your Condition

Now the Anxiety sufferer can have the latest news and the latest advice and treatment of his condition.

Our Weekly Newsletter has the most updated information on Anxiety and Stress.

Every week we research the main newspapers, Health and Wellness journals, along with the most relevant news sources, and present it to you in a easy-to-read format.

It will allow you to make the correct questions to your doctor. An also give him the correct information on your symptoms – this way he can make a better diagnosis and treatment.

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Concise and easy to understand, not extensive and boring.

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If what you are receiving does not cover your expectations, you may cancel at any time, no questions asked.

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risk because we believe in our product.


You will have more information and knowledge on your condition

You will be able to give your doctor more detailed information

Your doctor will be able to prepare a better diagnostic and treatment

You will be able to make the correct questions to your doctor on the best treatment for acid reflux

Perhaps you don’t suffer from Anxiety…

But you see your loved ones are unable to control their anxiety and fear or to stop worrying all the time.

Or perhaps your parents are in a similar situation

Imagine you can take them to the doctor, and being capable of explaining the situation in detail, and also making the correct questions.

You would be obtaining a much better diagnostic and treatment because you will be able to provide your doctor better information on your condition.

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