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Losing Excess Weight Has A Series Of Benefits In Organ Function

Losing Excess Weight Has A Series Of Benefits In Organ Function    

It Reduces The Risk Of Back Pain, Improves Brain Activity, And Lowers Blood Pressure    

There are hidden benefits of losing weight, besides feeling healthier. Among them is an improvement in lung function, and a reduction of breathlessness by only losing 5% to 10% of the body weight. It also prevents fat buildup in the liver, and reverses damage, restoring the liver to its normal state. Losing extra weight will also reduce the risk of back pain because there is less weight to carry around, and will help increase movement, reducing the symptoms of back pain. Less weight also means less pressure on the feet, making them less stable, and reducing the risk of foot, knee, hip, and lower back pain. There are also benefits in brain activity, improving the memory and mental processes. There are also benefits in cardiovascular activity, which is related to a decrease in heart size and artery thickness, decrease the risk of heart attack risk, and also lowering blood pressure. More info click here.


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