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Untreated Anxiety May Result In Changes In The Brain And In The Personality

Untreated Anxiety May Result In Changes In The Brain And In The Personality    

It Can Lead To Lack Of Concentration, Inability To Calm Down, And Changes In The Neural Pathways In The Brain    

We have explained before the harmful effects of chronic anxiety over the body. However, there are also effects on the brain and even the personality. Stress and anxiety prepare the body for potential short-term dangers. Chronic anxiety prepares the body for constant, non-stop dangers. One of the problems is related to a problem in concentration, which may lead to impaired thinking, also known as lack of focus, being unable to stop intrusive thoughts. There is also an inability to self-regulate, or calm down, which sets the body in a constant state of anxiety. Anxious people have a high risk of training the mind to set up anxiety pathways. This means that, in many situations, the brain will take automatically the anxiety pathways because it has been trained to do so. There is also the risk that the original anxiety increases into more anxiety. Check all the changes caused by chronic anxiety. Additional info click here.


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