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This week we have interesting info: Did you know that smartphone addiction is real, and it can have harmful effects of your body? Also, modern lifestyle is resulting in a generation of children with anxiety, yoga benefits for mental health, pregnancy can reduce PTSD symptoms, learning about foods that can make one anxious, how to deal with anxiety at the middle of the night, dealing with birth anxiety, understanding anxiety attacks, high anxiety can be related to higher IQ, treating stress in teens with mindfulness, and more.

Children Are Becoming More Anxious Because Of Modern Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle is more stressful to Children. They are exposed to the internet, which has no censorship for minors and parents take them to different activities. More here.

Benefits Of Yoga And Meditation To Your Mental Health

Yoga is known to help control our stress. Combined with mindfulness, it benefits mental health by regulating the hypothalamus, pituitary and the adrenal glands. More here.

Pregnancy Can Reduce The Symptoms In PTSD

A study has shown that the symptoms of women with PTSD due to traumatic experiences have improved during pregnancy. They had less anxiety, depression, flashbacks, low self-esteem, among others. More here.

Feeling Anxious? Perhaps It Is Your Diet

Can anxiety and stress be related to the foods you are taking? It is week known that coffee speeds us up and might add stress, but it is not the only food that will make you anxious. More here.

How To Deal With Anxiety At The Middle Of The Night

Many people wake up at the middle if the night with anxiety. The reason is delayed sleep, wrong eating habits, a poor lifestyle, while the consequences are irritability, heartburn, even diabetes. How to deal with it? Read here.

Do You Have Birth Anxiety? Try Antenatal Yoga

Future mothers are excited about holding their babies. But some may be anxious about giving birth and that things may not go as expected. One way to deal with it is through antenatal yoga. More here.

Addicted To Smartphones? How To Deal With It

Smartphones keep us connected all the time. In many cases, it is an addiction, and in most cases a distraction. On the negative side, it’s related to anxiety, high blood pressure, and insomnia. More here

Yoga Is Great For Everybody, Including Children

Everybody agrees that yoga is great for relaxing. But it is also good for children. It will help them with stress and anxiety, provide them a better confidence and avoid negative behaviors. More here.

Understanding Anxiety Attacks On The People Near You. What Are They Experiencing?

Many people have anxiety. It is a condition that can appear at any moment, and even an anxiety attack can be paralyzing. But do the people around understand what is really happening to the sufferer? More here.

Study: Higher Anxiety Is Related To Higher IQs

A study has shown that people with anxiety, even chronic anxiety have higher IQs than less anxious people. These people with higher IQs were more alert in detecting potential dangers. More here.

Mindfulness Treatment For Stress In Teens

Teens and pre-teens have varied emotions, which lead to stress and anxiety. Mindfulness can be a way to help them. This is a Zen-like practice, including deep breathing and staying in the moment. More here.

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