Anxiety Newsletter – New This Week 2016-W35

Just No Anxiety Newsletter Week 35-2016   This week we have interesting info: Did you know there are many types of anxiety? Also, avoid certain phrases when talking with a person with anxiety, dissatisfaction in jobs when having 20s could affect health when getting older, don’t get anxious when planning for the future and more.  

Anxiety Newsletter – New This Week 2016-W34

Just No Anxiety Newsletter Week 34-2016   This week we have interesting info: How To Distinguish Normal Anxiety From Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Also, effect of stress on the skin, getting rid of irrational thoughts related to anxiety, dealing with road rage on heavy traffic, how the body reacts negatively to chronic stress, helping your kid to get rid of dentist anxiety, sleep paralysis and how to deal with it, excessive sweating and how it can be treated, and more.  

Anxiety Newsletter – New This Week 2016-W26

Just No Anxiety Newsletter  Check This Week’s Preview on Anxiety Just ONE PENNY for a two-week trial subscription – includes our bonus e-book. Click Here.   These Smartphone Apps Can Help With Stress And Depression. There are apps and software to help monitor and treat anxiety. For example, Pacifica can track your mood and your health, and also has a relaxation technique. Another app will help control OCD via exercises. Check all the apps.   These Breathing Techniques Can Help You …