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  • Teeth Grinding Caused By Chronic Stress Can Affect Other Areas Of The Body

    Tension In Jaw And Neck Muscles Will Result In Headaches And Upper Back Pain

    Teeth grinding do not only affect teeth. This habit is usually caused by stress. However, the cause of concern id that it usually occurs at night, when the person is asleep. Like sleep apnea, the consequences of these conditions will show when waking up and gradually over time. Constant grinding of teeth will lead to accelerated teeth wear, as well as chips and cracks. Also, the jaw muscles will ache and also affect the muscles of the neck and back, causing upper back pain. The tension in the neck muscles will result in headaches. The chronic stress that causes teeth grinding also affects oral health. It promotes gum disease due to lower immunity, and also leads to dehydration, resulting in bad breath. More info click here.

  • Dental Anxiety Can Be Treated With Acupuncture

    Patients Experience Nausea, Dizziness, And Difficulty Breathing When Going To The Dentist

    According to researchers, acupuncture could help people with dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a condition in which affects patients when going to the dentist. The symptoms are similar to an anxiety attack, such as nausea, difficulty breathing, and dizziness, and can be originated by fear of needles, of the vibration of the dental drill, or the side effects of anesthetics. This condition affects 30% of the adult population. Researchers found that the level of anxiety reduction was clinically relevant. Acupuncture has also shown to increase the effectiveness of drugs used in chronic pain and depression. Additional details click here.

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