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Watching Horror Films Increases Stress And Anxiety, Affecting Proper Sleep

Studies Reveal That Three Nights With Poor Sleep Will Affect Concentration And Reaction Time And Will Increase Fatigue

Recovery From A Virus Can Include Extreme Tiredness

It Is Called Post-Viral Syndrome, And Also Includes Body Aches, Variations In Blood Pressure, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Sleep Disorders, And Depression

Identifying The Early Symptoms Of Anxiety And Depression For A Proper Treatment

Among These Are A Feeling Of Sadness, Sleep Difficulty, Fast Heartbeat And Breathing, And Excessive Worrying.

Jaw Popping And Clicking Is A Symptom Of Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Can Be Linked To Sleep Apnea

Other Causes Are Excessive Anxiety, Arthritis, Trauma, Or Accident, And Can Lead To Poor Sleeping And Headaches

Benzodiazepines Require Displaying The Potential Risks On The Labels

These Drugs Are Prescribed For Anxiety, Insomnia, And Panic Attacks, Among Others

Stress, Panic Attacks, And Social Anxiety Can Originate Vertigo

Other Symptoms Of Vertigo Are Headaches, Tinnitus, And Nausea

Diabetes Is A Chronic Condition, But It Can Be Controlled With Lifestyle Changes

Among Them Are A Proper Diet, Hydration And Exercise, Weight Loss, And Stress Control

Dark Chocolate Has Many Benefits For The Cardiovascular System And Brain Health

If Helps Lowering Blood Pressure, Prevents Blood Clots, And Neurogenerative Diseases, Such As Parkinson’s And Alzheimer’s

Poor Oral Health Will Result In Other Health Conditions, Not Only Cavities And Gum Disease

It Increases The Risk Of Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, And Joint Inflammation

Poor Habits Not Only Have A Negative Effect On The Body But Also Cause Premature Aging

Among Them Are Poor Oral Health, An Unbalanced Diet, Not Sleeping Enough, Poor Hydration, And Excess Stress