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Screen Addiction Can Affect Children Emotionally And Physiologically

Screen Addiction Can Affect Children Emotionally And Physiologically    

It Can Lead To Withdrawal From Family And Friends, Cause Headaches And Neck Pain Due To The Tilting Of The Head, And Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, And Even Affect Brain Development    

The excessive exposure to screens in children increases the risk of their physical and psychological health, resulting in screen addiction. Specialists have even defined a term for this condition: digital separation anxiety. It can have consequences such as damaged eyesight, headaches and neck pain, and reduced social skills. According to specialists, it can alter the way children’s brains develop. This condition forms habits based on digital media, emails, and texting, among others. The child uses digital media as an escape from discomfort, and a way to isolate or withdraw from the family or friends. There are physical symptoms, such as headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome for excessive use of mobile phones and tablets. Other symptoms are neck pain due to the constant tilting of the head to view the screen. Emotional symptoms include an alarm and discomfort from the child if the device is taken away from him, due to the fact that games and digital media are designed to be addictive. According to studies screen addiction is related to less gray matter on the front lobe. However, long-term effects are unknown. Click here for more information.


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