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Stress And Anxiety Treatment With Coloring Books For Adults. Coloring books are helpful for a child’s development. However, coloring books are also being helpful for adults for stress and anxiety treatment, as an alternative of meditation and mindfulness. It is being so successful, that it is competing with standard anxiety drugs.


Acting Confident Even When You Feel Insecure. On situations such as an important presentation or a job interview, it is normal to have a small insecurity. The idea is to control it in order that it does not grow and become a real problem. A slow breathing will help controlling the sense of insecurity. Some words of affirmation will prevent keeping anxiety down. Also acting confident helps, even when you do not feel confident.


This Technique Will Help You Channel Your Anxiety For A Better Creativity And Performance. There is a way in which you can channel your anxiety and turn it into a positive energy. This can improve creativity and performance, making people quicker and brighter. It consists of saying words of affirmation to turn anxiety into excitement, breath control and posture, among others. Check the details.


These are just some of the news for this week

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