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Managing Anxiety When The Job Is Based On Uncertainty

Managing Anxiety When The Job Is Based On Uncertainty     Anxiety is not uncommon in the office. There are reports to deliver, sales quotas and meeting to attend. This is worse when the job is based on uncertainty. There are ways to deal with it. One is being specific about your…

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How To Get Rid Of Morning Anxiety

How To Get Rid Of Morning Anxiety     Morning anxiety is a sensation of worry about what happened the day before, and with might happen that day. One of the reasons is poor sleeping. There are ways to overcome it, such as more sleep, stop using the snooze button, an enjoyable…

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These Positive Affirmations Will Help Keeping Anxiety Away

These Positive Affirmations Will Help Keeping Anxiety Away     One of the natural ways to control anxiety. One of them is using positive affirmations, in which certain phrases, repeated many times, have excellent effects in keeping anxiety away. Check the list of phrases. Click here for more information.  

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Overcoming Anxiety In The Workplace

Overcoming Anxiety In The Workplace     Workplace anxiety is not uncommon. This can manifest itself in fear of public speaking, which can be dealt with a course or a book on public speaking. There is also the fear of giving a bad impression by asking questions, and giving and receiving criticism….

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These Apps Can Help Controlling Anxiety

These Apps Can Help Controlling Anxiety     There are tools and apps that will help with stress and anxiety. One of them is mindfulness meditation, which helps the brain to live and work in the present moment, not in the “what would happen next”, that might induce anxiety thoughts. Other work…

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This Homemade Magnesium Lotion Helps Reducing Anxiety

This Homemade Magnesium Lotion Helps Reducing Anxiety     Magnesium is one of the components our body needs to work properly. It is needed to transport calcium across cell membranes and bone matter. Among the causes of magnesium deficiency are a poor diet, chronic stress and alcohol abuse. The consequences of magnesium…

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Fear Of The Unknown Is Related To Anxiety Disorders

Fear Of The Unknown Is Related To Anxiety Disorders     Researchers have found that the fear of the unknown is related to many types of anxiety disorders. When exposed to uncertain situations, people with anxiety are more likely to consider them as threats. Since the brain has determined it is a…

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Controlled Breathing Can Help With Fear Of Flying

Controlled Breathing Can Help With Fear Of Flying     Many people suffer from fear of flying. There are techniques to help overcome it. One of them is based on controlled breathing, in which the person takes deep breaths, focusing on expanding the lungs and the stomach, and listening to white noise…

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    Stress, Anxiety, And PTSD Can Worsen Autoimmune Diseases

    Among Them Are Type 1 Diabetes, Celiac Disease, And Rheumatoid Arthritis


    Anxiety Symptoms In Babies And Toddlers Might Be A Sign Of Autism

    These Conditions Are Common In Families And Might Share A Genetic Origin


    Anxiety Meds Can Have Dangerous Interactions With Certain Drugs

    Among Them Are Meds For Treating Acid Reflux, Insomnia, And Also Painkillers


    Under A Stressful Situation, People Have A Better Capacity To Respond To Bad News

    In A Calm Situation, People Tend To Accept Good News And Reject The Bad Ones


    Health Benefits Of Fermented Foods

    They Promote Gut Health, Decrease The Risk Of Heart Disease, And Help With Social Anxiety


    Beta Blockers Are Heart Medications But Are Also Prescribed For Anxiety

    They Deal With The Physical Effects Of Anxiety, Such As Rapid Heartbeat Upset Stomach, Headache, And Low Blood Pressure


    What Are The Causes Of Waking Up During The Night

    They Can Be A Need To Urinate, Sleep Apnea, And Acid Reflux, Among Others


    Good Posture Boosts Confidence In Anxiety-Inducing Activities

    On The Opposite, A Slumped Posture Puts The Body In A Defensive Posture, Affecting Performance


    Stopping Physical Activity And Exercise Has An Overall Effect On The Body

    There Is An Increase If The Risk Of Hypertension, Back Pain, Depression, And Excess Weight


    Caffeine Has Healthy Benefits But Increases The Level Of Stress

    It Releases Cortisol, Which Leads To Inflammation, One Of The Causes Of Back Pain


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