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Drug-Free Treatments For IBS

Among Them Are Stress Reduction And Special Diets

Proper Oral Hygiene Can Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer's

It Prevents Gum Disease Which Has Been Related To This Mental Condition

This Relaxing Breath Technique Will Help Control Anxiety

Other Benefits Are Lowering Blood Pressure And Migraine Symptoms And Treating Sleep Disorders

Identifying The Symptoms Of Social Anxiety

It Can Be Confused With Shyness And Introversion

A Heart Attack May Be Confused With A Heartburn Or Indigestion

It Can Be Identified With Other Symptoms, Such As Dizziness, Sweating, Or Even A Sensation Of Panic Attack

Decaffeinated Coffee Has Health Benefits

It Lowers The Risk Of Heartburn, Anxiety, And High Blood Pressure.

Kissing Has Many Health Benefits

It Increases The Production Of Saliva, Fighting Oral Diseases, And Also Lowers Blood Pressure

Wearable Devices Can Forecast Emotional Distress

They Can Monitor Depression And Even Predict Suicidal Thoughts

Energy And Sports Drinks Can Be As Harmful As Sugary Drinks

The Acidic Content Can Affect The Tooth Enamel, Promote Bacterial Growth In The Mouth And Cause Acid Reflux And Anxiety

Excessive Coffee Ingestion Can Lead To A Caffeine Hangover

Among The Symptoms Are Sleep Disorders, Headaches, Acid Reflux, Excess Anxiety, And Heart Palpitations