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Food Allergy In Children Can Be An Anxiety Source For Parents

In The Case Of Overanxious Parents, It Might Have A Negative Effect On Kids


New Anxiety Treatment For Teenagers Based On A Computer Program

It Trains The Brain To Unconsciously Pay Attention To Non-Threatening Stimuli


There Is A Type Of Anxiety Caused By The Fear Of The Symptoms Of An Anxiety Attack

Sufferers Perceive That Others See Them Sweating Excessively And Trembling And Relate It To Loss Of Control And Social Embarrassment


Posting The Perfect Selfie Can Be Related To Anxiety In Younger Women

This Can Lead To Self-Objectification And Body Shaming


New Startup Provides A Solution For Electric Car Range Anxiety

It Consists Of A Trailer With A Battery Bank That Can Increase The Original Range Of A Small Electric Car Is More Than 300%.


Oral Health Can Reveal Serious Health Problems In Other Areas In The Body

Bad Breath Can Be The Sign Of Diabetes Or Kidney Issues, While The Teeth Can Expose Anxiety Issues, Acid Reflux, And Even Eating Disorders


Migraine Can Be Treated By Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

It Consists Of An Electromagnetic Field That Alters Neuronal Activity, Helping The Brain Compensating For Injury Or Disease


Alzheimer’s Is A Neurological Disease, But There Is Evidence That It Can Be Also Caused By Sleep Disorders

Poor Sleep Does Not Allow The Brain To Sort Important Memories And Send Them To Long-Term Storage


Understanding The Difference Between Excess Worrying, Stress, And Anxiety

In One Case, It Is Only Related To The Mind, While On Others, It Also Includes Physiological Reactions That Can Have Negative Effects In The Body


Sauerkraut Has Many Health Benefits, Not Just A Sour Taste

It Is A Source Of Probiotics, Promoting Proper Digestion, And Also Helps With Brain Wellbeing